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Liars, Thieves, and Drunks Fleet

Commander:Bloody Rōnin Almighty
2nd in Command:Promise
Home Port:Tortuga

You know who I am, enter at your own risk

Booty: 562
Prize Pool: 13,538 gold
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F Bloody Rōnin Almighty3785218900/189000PortobeloOffline
F Chalupa Batman236528732/118000MaracaiboOnline
F Promise2085210400/104000St CroixOffline
F Fallout2075210350/103500TortugaOffline
F Muirenn148527400/74000AntiguaOffline
F P O G A N2555212750/127500Bay of HondurasOffline
F Somber Moon2284411400/114000TortugaOffline
F Rusty Old Iron166318300/83000El MorroOffline