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F Illegal Alien [1965]
F BoogieTillYaPuke [14278]
F Locutus_Resistance is Futile [13264]
F Dr Syn [1357]
F Laktos The Intolerable [11098]
F Raiserchilde [1031]
F dJt3xtbook [14177]
F Muirenn [13616]
F Sydgage [1737]
F Logic [10830]
F Esmerelda [16889]
F Fishinguy [1342]
Member Type:Member
Signed Up:6 Aug 2007, 7:17:27 am
Last Active:25 Jan 2022, 6:15:29 am
Last Action:10 minutes ago
Days Old:5286
PhysicalOptions Trophies / Collectibles
Location:Barbary Coast

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1x 1000 Bold Gars
1x 3 Gallons of Deckwash
1x 4th of July Snowball
1x Babelfish & Hägar's Re-used Moving Crate
1x Babelfish & Hägar's Used Moving Crate
2x Babelfishes 3 Ton Candy Filled Pumpkin
2x Battle-worn Belaying Pin
1x Bill's Barnacle
1x Birthday Cake with 1 Candle
1x Birthday Cake with 2 Candles
1x Birthday Cake with 3 Candles
1x Birthday Cake with 5 Candles
1x Black-Eyed Buggus' Braining Spoon
1x Brig Master Key: Bay of Honduras
1x Brig Master Key: San Pedro
1x Cannonball Magnet
1x Champagne
1x Charlemagne's Blood Drenched Sword
1x Delayed & Soggy Christmas Package
1x Drunken Turkey
1x Eggnog
1x Engraved Tankard
1x Failed Science Experiment
1x Famous Last Words
1x Five Black Roses
1x Freedoms
1x Gold Pocket Watch
1x Golden Harpoon
1x Golden Tarball
1x Hägar the Horrible's Haunted Helmet
1x Half Eaten Turkey Leg
1x Hangover
1x Hangover Cure
1x Hägar's Stomach
1x Humbug
1x Just Sayin...
2x Lol Wut
1x Magic 8 Ball
1x Mattyboombatty's Howlin Full Moon
1x Mistletoe
1x New Year's Eve Hangman's Noose
1x Pirate Dictionary Page (TLAP Day 2007)
1x Pirate Dictionary Page (TLAP Day 2008)
1x Pirate Dictionary Page (TLAP Day 2009)
2x Pirate Dictionary Page (TLAP Day 2010)
1x Pirate Dictionary Page (TLAP Day 2011)
1x Pirate Dictionary Page (TLAP Day 2016)
1x Pirate Dictionary Page (TLAP Day 2017)
1x Pirate Dictionary Page (TLAP Day 2021)
1x Pirate Party Hat
1x Pirate Sized Tissue
1x Pumpkin Pie Slice
1x Pumpkin Seed
1x Rubber Ducky
1x Rusty Razor
1x Salty Mashed Potatoes
1x Seasick Turkey
1x Seawater Soaked Wedding Planner
1x Shipwreck in a Bottle
1x Silver Shark Fin
1x Single Black Rose
1x Smashed Pumpkin
1x Soggy Carved Pumpkin
1x Soggy Tinsel
1x Solar Flare
1x Spooky Cow
1x Star Spangled Cannonball
1x Sticky Tarball
1x Sun Bleached Skull - Halloween 2008
1x The Fish That Got Away
1x Tricorner Tinfoil Hat
1x Turducken
1x Turkey Jerky
1x Two Black Roses
1x Velvet Rose
1x Worn-out War Drum
Flotilla:The Pirates who say Ni!
Crew Health:8150/8150
Ol Betsy
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ShaneV's Friends Comments
F Rosey [17187]
10 Dec 2011 11:01:25 am
ShaneV is da bomb!
F Capt. Shawe [11253]
1 Mar 2011 4:13:31 am
Nice boat Shane, congratulations!
F Logic [10830]
11 Feb 2011 4:13:42 am
You manage to bust ShaneV out of jail
F Capt. Shawe [11253]
13 Jan 2011 8:39:45 pm
Congratulations on 300 Shane!
F Rosey [17187]
10 Dec 2010 7:42:45 pm
Merry chrismas! =D
F Laktos The Intolerable [11098]
30 Dec 2008 7:51:16 am
Happy Holidays! Cheerio!
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