Welcome to Walk My Plank

Walk My Plank is a role-playing game where you play as a pirate and compete against players from around the world. It is played directly from your browser and is free.

Your Goal

Once you log in to Walk My Plank, your goal is to train your pirate to be the strongest in the Caribbean. To achieve this you will need to explore the seas, battle other pirates, complete quests, find buried treasure, smuggle and trade rare items.

Vital Statistics

Train your crew in navigation, artillery, defence, agility and swashbuckling using their vitality while maintaining their morale. Attack other pirates and ships to gain levels which will make your training more effective.

Customize Your Ship

Throughout the game as you gain levels, you can buy better ships. Add as many cannons as you can carry, and customize your ship's name, flag, sail type, sail color, armor, keel and rudder.


Explore the Seas

Exploring the seas is your main source of income and special items. Explore islands for buried treasure; rendezvous with smugglers at secret locations; battle Spanish frigates for their gold; plunder doubloons from merchant ships; find special items in floating crates; battle and evade the British flotillas and the Bounty Hunters. Use the wind and squalls to your advantage, navigating fog banks and storms while avoiding reefs.

Win Prizes Every Round!

Win Prizes

We give away thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Finish in the top 50 pirates at the end of a round and you are automatically in the major prize draw. We also have a major prize draw where you don't have to be a top pirate to win -- just explore the seas and find Golden Tickets for draw entries. Each month has a minor prize draw for golden ticket holders. Win cash, laptops, iPods, Macs, LCD monitors, hard disks, books, keyboards and more!

Social Networking

Walk My Plank is also a social network. Make new friends and communicate with them by private mail, public and private forums, chat room, friend lists and enemy lists. Join forces with your friends to form fleets and defeat your enemies.